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With Sara Mulvey of Revelry Tintype

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Sara Mulvey

Sara is the owner/photographer/mad scientist behind Revelry Tintype. Primarily based in Asheville, NC, Sara enjoys traveling often and capturing the world, on the road, through her antique lens.

After being given a cigar box full of old family tintypes and ambrotypes, in awe of their timelessness and ability to capture the human essence like no photograph she had seen before, she set out to learn this craft.

Sara's vision with Revelry Tintype is not only to share the historic process of wet plate photography with those around her but to create stunning images that will hopefully spark the magic in others that first drew her to this artform.

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October 20 & 27

November 10 & 24



Chemist Distillery
151 Coxe Ave
Asheville, NC

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