Alchohol in WNC

Original Article: Alcohol In WNC 2017
Written By: Capital at Play


As we have done in the previous two years, we are publishing a map of the 18 counties of Western North Carolina, with Jennifer’s listing of all breweries, wineries, distilleries, and cideries dotting this corner of the state. Among the relevant data points: (A) does the company have a retail taproom or tasting room rather than just being strictly a manufacturer; (B) how many barrels or bottles does it produce, on average, per year, as a measure of size and productivity; and (C) what is the number of full-time and part-time employees. (The latter, in the aggregate, serves as a general indicator of how the alcohol industry directly impacts the regional employment outlook.)

We intend to keep the online version of this information updated on a regular basis, so please let us know of any updates, corrections, or additions we need to be aware of. It’s located at the Resources section of We’ve tried to be as complete as possible, but as the accompanying report on the previous page outlines, the regional alcohol industry continues to be in flux. And yes, as before, we accumulated our information the old-fashioned way: traditional journalistic inquiry—calling and emailing the principals, and consulting publically-available online resources—and not by utilizing algorithms, as many other such surveys do. [Below: click on each link to bring up the corresponding list of businesses.)


Master List: Distilleries & Cideries

1. Black Mountain Ciderworks & Meadery

Black Mountain

Barrels Made Per Year: 1,000

Employees FT: 2 PT: 1

2. Urban Orchard Cider Company


Barrels Made Per Year: 968

Employees FT: 10 PT: 6

3. Noble Cider


Barrels Made Per Year: 2,500 – 3,000

Employees FT: 6 PT: 3

4. Bold Rock Hard Cider

Mills River

Barrels Per Year (at full capacity):

600,000 case equivalents

5. Flat Rock Ciderworks


Employees FT: 1 PT: 2

6. Appalachian Ridge Artisan Hard Cider


Opens September 2017

Distilling Companies

1. Blue Ridge Distilling Co. Inc.

Bottles Made Per Year: 102,000

Whiskey (Defiant Whisky)

Employees FT: 5 PT: 1

2. Oak & Grist Distilling Co. Black Mountain

Local Gin & Whisky

3. Asheville Distilling Co.


Bottles Made Per Year:

300,000 capacity

Whiskey (Troy & Sons)

Employees FT: 5 PT: 2

4. Howling Moon Distillery


Bottles Made Per Year: 20,000


Employees FT: 3

5. Apothecary Beverage Company


151 Coxe Ave

Gin under The Chemist label.

6. Dalton Distillery


Bottles Made Per Year: 3,000+ Rum

Employees FT: 3 PT: 2

7. Eda Rhyne Distillery


Appalachian Fernet, Pinnix Gin, Forrest Floor Amaro

8. H&H Distillery


Bottles Made Per Year: 4,000

Rum (see p. 18)

Employees FT: 2 PT: 3

9. Elevated Mountain Distilling Company

Maggie Valley

Bottles Made Per Year: 36,000+ (projected; started sales late May 2017)

Corn Whiskey, Flavored Moonshines (Root Beer and Peach Pie), Vodka

Employees FT: 2 PT: 7